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Postural imbalance is a major factor in most pain, tightness, and injuries associated with your joints and muscles. While postural imbalances are very common, they are not ideal for your body to function properly. Your body wants to move easily through space so it can conserve energy, and postural imbalances work against this goal.

At The Practice at Maxwell Place, we offer a procedure called Total Postural Reprogramming (TPR) that will help you align your posture properly so that you can move and feel better than you ever thought possible.

What is Posturology?

Posturology is the study of the postural system and of the sensors used to inform your central nervous system about imbalances in your posture. Over the past 25 years, this discipline has dramatically improved our ability to address imbalances in posture.

French orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bernard Bricot identified two primary sensory receptors responsible for the way your brain organizes posture information:

• The skin of the feet tell your brain where your body is on the ground
• The eye muscles telegraph the position of the head to your brain

Unfortunately, many people have feet that do not rest evenly on the ground and eyes that do not track symmetrically. When your feet are uneven on the ground, your entire body will be uneven. Similarly, asymmetrical eye tracking can result in head and shoulder tilts as your brain attempts to keep the eyes on a level plane. These sensory imbalances cause alignment issues with your body.

Correcting Posture Imbalances with Total Postural Reprogramming (TPR)

Total Postural Reprogramming (TPR) is a procedure used to correct these imbalances in posture. Your TPR treatment will work to correct the balance issues with both sensory receptors which are responsible for your posture.

A thin postural insole (not an orthotic) is used to stimulate the skin at the center reflex zone of each foot. This creates a more even foot stance on the ground and enables each foot to send the same information to the brain. Ultimately, this will also create a level pelvis and level shoulders.

A small magnet is applied near the corner of your weaker eye to relax the tendon and help both eyes converge evenly toward the bridge of the nose. Eye exercises are also used to strengthen your weaker eye and further improve eye convergence. The resulting message that is sent to your brain will help keep your head level and your shoulders even.

TPR has been found to dramatically improve posture after your first treatment. Continual use of the foot insoles and eye exercises will result in additional improvements over time. Joint and muscle pain can be reduced by as much as 60-70% after your first treatment, and can be eliminated shortly thereafter.

Neuromuscular Dentistry Solutions to Posture Imbalances

If your posture imbalance is caused at least in part by TMJ, Hoboken neuromuscular dentist Dr. Frank DePaola can improve your body’s alignment using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry, a discipline that focuses on restoring proper alignment to your jaw and bite. When your jaw becomes misaligned, it can impact the alignment of your whole body. Dr. Frank utilizes electromyography and nerve stimulators to restore a balanced bite position. This provides relief from TMJ symptoms while improving muscular health and upper cervical balance.

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