Surgical Operating Microscope for Root Canal Therapy

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At the cosmetic and general neuromuscular practice of Hoboken dentist Frank R. DePaola, our team uses only the most cutting-edge technology to make your root canal therapy as efficient and effective as possible. Along of a range of advanced technological features, our use of the surgical operating microscope (SOM) sets the bar of excellence at the highest level for endodontic procedures.

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Benefits of Surgical Operating Microscopes in Endodontics

Advances in endodontic technology and procedures over the past 20 years have been widespread and far-reaching, now allowing endodontists to help patients retain teeth that would have been extracted in the past. To a great extent, the surgical operating microscope has been an integral part of these advancements.

This is because the use of a SOM can facilitate all aspects of endodontic surgery and offers many performance advantages. Endodontic procedures that benefit from the use of the SOM include:

  • Locating hidden canals that have been obstructed by calcifications and reduced in size
  • Locating cracks and fractures that are neither visible to the naked eye nor palpable with an endodontic explorer
  • Removing canal obstructions, solid obturation materials, posts or separated instruments
  • Assisting in access preparation to avoid unnecessary destruction of mineralized tissue
  • Repairing biological and iatrogenic perforations 

With so many benefits to offer, the American Association of Endodontics predicts the use of this magnification technology will soon become universally adopted.

Patient Testimonial 

"Highly competent, no nonsense clean, safe and friendly service. As soon as you start interacting with the staff at the Frank DePaola dentist office you realize that everyone is there because of their passion for what they do. This is evident not only by how informed and thorough the staff is about dentistry but also by how committed they are to learning and making available the latest the latest services and technology." - Anthony D.

Our Surgical Operating Microscope

Though some practices have not yet adopted the SOM, our experienced endodontist is skilled in the use of our innovative technologies. Along with our advanced Rotary Endodontic technology and iCat 3D imaging, the Zeiss Pico microscope will help Dr. Avni Maru improve the outcome of your endodontic procedure by:

  • Enabling her to better visualize regions of interest, which in turn allows us to consistently provide our patients with high-quality examinations and treatments

  • Providing camera options that allow Dr. Maru to obtain enhanced photographic documentation to facilitate your consultation and documentation

As clinicians with extensive experience using our state-of-the-art SOM, we can ensure that you receive the highest-quality treatment for your endodontic needs.

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