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March 24, 2020

Dear Patients:

As you know, your care and safety and the safety of our team are our top priority.
We are here for you and will make sure that all your needs are taken care of.
As such, we are maintaining our normal working hours and are here to support
you and our community at large during this challenging time. We are providing
emergency dental care and those seeking urgent care.

Additionally, Dr. Frank DePaola and his associate general and specialist dentists
will be available for teledentistry appointments for exams and consultations.
Teledentistry consultations allow patients to...

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May 30, 2016

Bringing children to see the family dentist at a young age is not only important for helping them achieve and maintain a healthy set of teeth, but it is also important for helping them form a positive relationship with their pediatric dentistry provider so that they feel less anxiety as they get older. At The Practice at Maxwell Place, we start seeing children as young as 1 year old and have the experience necessary to...

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May 24, 2016

If you have a missing tooth, if you’re about to lose a tooth, or if you have a tooth that is severely damaged due to decay or injury, you could be a good candidate for Hoboken implant dentistry, but sometimes there are specific issues that need to be addressed.

For the majority of people, dental implants can be placed in just a few short visits to our office. In some...

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May 17, 2016

Patients in Hoboken know that straight teeth aren’t just the basis for a beautiful looking smile; they are the foundation to great oral health. A properly aligned bite facilitates healthy chewing, with minimal wear and risk of tooth damage. Hoboken orthodontics with Dr. Frank DePaola can help you achieve the straight, beautiful, and healthy smile you deserve.

Popular orthodontics solutions we offer include:

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May 11, 2016

Few decisions have the potential to impact your health more than choosing the right Hoboken dentist. You rely on your dentist to provide great oral health care, and to be your first line of defense when it comes to detecting problems in their early stages. When you consider the links between oral health and the health of your heart, lungs, and other vital organs, making the right choice is one of the most important things you can do. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Check your references. Ask family members or friends for a recommendation, but be sure to check professional...
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April 28, 2016

5 Tips to Alleviate Pain after a Root Canal | Jersey CityWhile most people think a root canal procedure, or endodontic therapy, is one of the most painful experiences you can have, most patients report the actual surgery itself is no more unpleasant than having a filling placed. However, post-procedure healing can hurt severely. Since most teeth that require a root canal procedure are sensitive and sore to begin with, it's reasonable that you will experience pain...

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April 25, 2016

Oral Cancer Screenings - Hoboken General DentistApril is Oral Cancer Awareness month, which is a good time to remind you of the importance of regular oral cancer screenings.

About 48,250 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer in the Unites States this year, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation. In America, oral cancer causes about 1 death per hour.

Early detection gives the best chance of curing oral cancer....

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April 19, 2016

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces - Hoboken, NJIn recent years, Invisalign technology has continued to improve, making it a great alternative to traditional braces for more and more people. Recent advances have made Invisalign softer and more efficient, more comfortable, and able to treat more complex cases. As a result, an increasing number of our Hoboken patients are good candidates for Invisalign.


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April 13, 2016

Hoboken Teeth WhiteningYou’ve invested a lot in attaining that beautifully white and radiant smile. Unfortunately, over time it will gradually darken due to many different factors. Professional teeth whitening systems like the Zoom! 2™ or GLO teeth whitening system used in our Hoboken office will provide the best results possible, both in brightening and longevity, but there are many steps you can take to maximize your...

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March 30, 2016

Hoboken Dental Implants - Dr. Frank DePaolaHaving a beautiful smile is an important factor to how people perceive you. If you have missing teeth, replacing them with dental implants will help to restore your smile.

Dental implants have aesthetic and health benefits. Here are a few of the ways that getting implants can benefit you:

  • Restoring your smile
  • Stability – implants are the next...
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