Invisalign and Traditional Braces Compared

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Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces - Hoboken, NJIn recent years, Invisalign technology has continued to improve, making it a great alternative to traditional braces for more and more people. Recent advances have made Invisalign softer and more efficient, more comfortable, and able to treat more complex cases. As a result, an increasing number of our Hoboken patients are good candidates for Invisalign.

For most people, the main attraction of Invisalign is that it is barely noticeable. However, Invisalign offers many other advantages over traditional orthodontics, such as:

  • Eat what you want:  Because you remove your aligners when you eat, there is no worry about food getting stuck in your braces.
  • Oral hygiene is a breeze:  Simply brush and floss like normal, and put your aligners back in when you’re done.
  • Better comfort:  Without the sharp metal brackets and wires, your cheeks and gums will face far less irritation. The smooth plastic aligners won’t leave you reaching for the dental wax.
  • Convenience of care:  You’ll probably have fewer visits to our office with Invisalign, because many patients can take home three sets of aligners at a time. Checkups are usually every six weeks.

If you want to find out if Invisalign is the right choice for straightening your teeth, we recommend that you speak with Dr. Frank in person. During your initial appointment, he'll evaluate the severity of your bite alignment issues to determine if Invisalign can effectively address your orthodontic goals.

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