Scared of Cavities This Halloween? Consider the Switch Witch

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Children Trick or Treating

Trick or treating is a traditional part of Halloween, but many parents are concerned about the excessive candy consumption that often follows. Hesitant to prevent children from partaking in this experience, some parents may feel resigned to letting their kids indulge or to make attempts at limiting candy intake by hiding the treats. If you fall anywhere on the spectrum from permissive to punitive, you should know there is an alternative, and its name is the Switch Witch.

What is the Switch Witch?

As the story goes, the Switch Witch is a good witch who visits children on Halloween to swap out their candy for a toy, game, book, or similar item that will make the child happy without putting their oral (and physical) health at risk. This allows children to partake in the tradition of trick or treating while removing the risk of excessive candy consumption – and replaces something fleeting, like a sugar-loaded treat, with something substantial and lasting. It’s a win/win for parents and children, and is quickly becoming the tradition in many households.

If the idea of swapping out all of your child’s candy is too much, consider swapping out the worst offenders for teeth, leaving plain chocolate and baked goods for the occasional indulgence. Sticky candy, sour candy, and hard candy pose the largest threat to oral health. If you are only replacing some candies, these are the ones to look for. And try to limit your child’s intake of sugary treats to one time a day, making sure they brush afterward, to help prevent tooth sensitivity and decay.

Is a Witch Too Scary?

Is a witch, even a good witch, too scary for your kiddo? No worries. The Sugar Sprite, Candy Fairy, and Goodies Goblin work as well. Or come up with your own story and make a new tradition. The name of the gift giver is irrelevant. It’s the service it provides that’s priceless.

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