How Long do Dental Crowns Last?

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dental crown - Hoboken dentistDr. Frank has examined that front, chipped tooth and determined you need a dental crown. Your immediate thoughts are, how much will this cost? How long does it take to put in a crown? Can I get this done soon to stop the pain when I eat and drink? And, how long will a crown last before I have to get a new one?

Dental crowns are typically made of porcelain, a durable substance that not only restores teeth but protects them as well. Dental crowns are recommended to people whose teeth are:

  • Chipped
  • Fractured
  • Damaged
  • Weak

In the process of being fitted for a crown, Dr. Frank will create a custom cap that snugly fits the tooth while also matching the color to your other teeth. You will not be able to recognize the difference between the crown and your natural teeth.

The life span of a dental crown can vary. Some crowns will last 5 to 15 years, while others can last upwards of 25 to 30 years. This large variety of time depends on your dental hygiene routines. If you follow the recommended brushing twice daily and flossing once daily, the likelihood of a dental crown lasting 20+ years is greater. If you have poor dental hygiene routines, your crown will most likely need replacing sooner.

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