Sparkling Water Harmful to Tooth Enamel

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Hoboken dentistThe popularity of sparkling water has been on the rise lately. Many people enjoy flavored seltzer waters as a healthy alternative to sodas so much that the sale of seltzer water has doubled over the past 5 years.

While these drinks are healthier than sodas, they do come with the potential to increase your risk of dental problems such as cavities from damaged tooth enamel.

All carbonated drinks contain carbonic acid, which wears away tooth enamel. Although carbonic acid is a weak acid, it does cause tooth decay.

Flavored seltzers have lower pH, which makes them about as harmful to your teeth as orange juice. The most popular seltzer waters are flavored.

Just because there is a potential harm to your teeth does not mean you need to avoid these beverages. Limiting your intake will lower your potential risk, but here are some more ideas of how to further protect your teeth:

  • Limit seltzer waters to meal time. Drink water between meals.
  • Dilute seltzer water with regular water.
  • Rinse your mouth out with regular water after consuming seltzer water.
  • Choose unsweetened seltzers. These are still far less damaging then sugary soft drinks.

Other factors which can affect your risk of tooth decay are:

  • Sugar consumption in your diet.
  • Dietary acid consumption.
  • Your history of cavities.
  • The amount of fluoride you receive from toothpaste and water.

Whether you regularly consume carbonated drinks or not, good dental hygiene is an important factor in protecting your enamel.

You should also see our Hoboken your dentists twice a year for preventative dentistry.

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