Emergency Dental Visits Spike after St. Patrick's Day

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Hoboken Emergency Dental ServicesIn nearly every state in the nation, March 18th is a busy day for dentists. On this day each year, there are more emergency dental visits than any other day. In several states, the rates of dental emergencies more than double over an average day. The data gathered from Sikka Software, a dental metrics provider, shows a strong gender preference for these dental emergencies, too. The phenomenon is almost exclusively seen among men.

It may seem like an ugly stereotype, but partying on St. Patrick’s Day is the most likely reason for the spike in dental emergencies. Having a few too many green beers can easily get you into trouble, and patients who wind up with chipped teeth from falling or brawling are common. For some, the damage could be a blessing in disguise. A dental emergency may be the catalyst to get people into the dentist’s office where many common dental problems can be addressed.

Hoboken dentist Dr. Frank DePaola is here to help with all your general dentistry needs, emergency or otherwise. If your St. Patrick's Day celebration takes a turn for the worse and you sustain damage to your teeth, Dr. Frank can fit you in on short notice to address the problem before it festers.

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