Sleep Apnea Treatment

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If you are suffering from sleep apnea, it is important to seek treatment at once. If left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to serious health issues such as stroke, heart attack, hypertension, gastric reflux, and diabetes.

Our Hoboken dentists understand the many dangers associated with sleep apnea. As a result, we have established the Center for Dental Sleep Medicine, a branch of our practice that is devoted entirely to sleep apnea treatment. Please call 201-792-9400 today to schedule your consultation.

Creating your Sleep Apnea Treatment Plan

Dr. Frank will work closely with our on-staff sleep physician to make appropriate recommendations for your sleep apnea treatment. For mild cases of sleep apnea, he may recommend a series of lifestyle changes to address your condition. These may include:

  • Losing weight
  • Reducing alcohol intake
  • Changing sleep positions to avoid sleeping on your back
  • Stopping smoking
  • Avoiding heavy meals close to bedtime
  • Elevating your head with additional pillows to improve nighttime breathing

However, if these lifestyle changes do not improve your sleep apnea or if your condition is too severe for these methods to be effective, Dr. Frank may recommend the use of a sleep apnea device to help you sleep through the night.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral appliance therapy involves the use of a custom-fit device which is worn while you sleep to help keep your airway open. These devices are FDA-approved and work to prevent the soft tissue from collapsing so that you can breathe properly through the night. Oral appliances minimize the effects of sleep apnea by:

  • Repositioning the lower jaw, tongue, and soft palate
  • Stabilizing the tongue and jaw to keep your airway unobstructed
  • Providing artificial muscle tone to prevent your airway from collapsing

A scan of your mouth will be taken to ensure your oral appliance is designed to fit comfortably. Dr. Frank has achieved improved results and patient comfort by using the same technology (TENS therapy and K7 system) that determines a balanced bite position for TMJ patients.  This allows for a physiologic approach to the treatment of sleep apnea.


Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a treatment which uses a machine to deliver air pressure to you while you sleep. A mask is worn over the nose and/or mouth, and a machine that is connected to the mask will deliver a continuous flow of air pressure to ensure your airway stays open throughout the night.

While CPAP is considered to be one of the most effective sleep apnea treatment methods, many patients find the apparatus to be uncomfortable. However, Dr. Frank has been successful at weaning patients off of CPAP long term by utilizing DNA expansion orthodontic therapy to keep the airway open while sleeping.

Follow-up studies at home or at our sleep clinic will be conducted to ensure you achieve optimal and continued results with your sleep apnea treatment.

Learn about the MicrO2™ sleep and snore device, a new sleep apnea treatment option that is much more comfortable and easier to use than CPAP.

Please contact the Center for Dental Sleep Medicine using the form at the right side of the page or call 201-792-9400 today to schedule your initial sleep apnea consultation. We serve patients in Hoboken, Jersey City, and throughout Hudson County, New Jersey.