20 Foods to Keep your Smile Healthy and Vibrant

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There is a great deal of truth to the saying, “You are what you eat.” Your diet impacts your health in many ways, and what you eat can either significantly contribute to maintaining optimal levels of oral health or result in an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) works to educate people about the important role nutrition plays in your oral health. They have identified 20 foods which can help with your dental hygiene regimen. Eating these foods on a regular basis will provide you with many benefits, and hopefully a clean bill of health during your regularly scheduled dental checkups:

  • Basil — acts as a natural antibiotic, minimizing the amount of bacteria growing in your mouth
  • Broccoli — develops an acid-resistant film on your teeth which protects your enamel from damage
  • Carrots — an excellent source of Vitamin A, which promotes the health of your tooth enamel; promotes gum health by cleaning and stimulating gum tissue
  • Cheese — an excellent source of lactic acid, which reduces your risk of cavities
  • Celery — increases saliva production, acting as a natural cleanser of food particles which get stuck on your teeth; massages your gums
  • Ginger — contains anti-inflammatory properties which foster healthy mouth tissue
  • Green tea — rich in the antioxidant catechin, which minimizes the growth of bacteria that can lead to gum disease
  • Kale — rich in minerals that contribute to healthy tooth structure
  • Kiwi –an excellent source of Vitamin C, which plays a crucial role in gum health
  • Lemon — acts as a natural whitening agent
  • Nuts — help manage the pH balance in your mouth
  • Onions — help eliminate certain bacteria which result in cavities
  • Pineapple — forms an all-natural antibacterial mouthwash due to its high citric acid content and saliva boosting properties
  • Quinoa — contains a variety of minerals which strengthen teeth and gums
  • Salmon — an excellent source of Vitamin D, which enables your teeth to leverage the beneficial properties of the calcium you ingest
  • Sea salt — an excellent source of minerals which strengthen your teeth
  • Sesame seeds — help eliminate plaque buildup on your teeth
  • Shiitake mushrooms — an excellent source of a sugar called Lentinan, which minimizes the formation of bacteria in your mouth
  • Strawberries — an excellent source of fiber and Vitamin C, which helps promote healthy gums
  • Wasabi — stems the growth of bacteria in your mouth

During your regularly scheduled checkups at our Hoboken dental office, Dr. Frank will provide you with important tips that will help you play an active role in maintaining good oral hygiene practices. We encourage you to ask any questions at this time so that you can reduce the risk of serious oral health issues down the road.

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