Why Do Teeth Stain?

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Your teeth are porous and will absorb the food and drink you consume. Understanding what causes the stains on your teeth and getting teeth whitening treatments will help keep your smile whiter for longer. There are many reasons your teeth can stain over the years, including:

  • Dark colored drinks. The more coffee, cola, and red wine you consume on a daily basis, the darker your teeth will get.
  • Tobacco use. Smoking or chewing tobacco will discolor your teeth. Giving up these habits will improve your overall health and keep your smile whiter.
  • Poor dental hygiene habits. If you neglect brushing or flossing, then plaque can start to build up on and between your teeth.
  • Age. As you age, the white enamel will start to wear away and reveal the yellow colored dentin beneath.

At our Hoboken office, we offer teeth whitening treatments with Zoom! 2™, which can whiten your teeth up to 8 or 10 shades lighter. After your in-office treatment, we can also provide you with whitening trays to maintain your results at home.

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