HPV May be Linked to Oral Health

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Researchers from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston have found that common oral health issues may be a risk factor for human papillomavirus (HPV), a leading cause of throat cancers. Analyzing data from several sources, researchers found that people with poor oral health had a 56 percent higher chance of developing HPV, making oral health an independent risk factor.

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Researchers found that factors such as sex, cigarette smoking, and marijuana use all played a role in contracting HPV. They also found that gum disease alone increased risks by 51 percent. This suggests that maintaining a consistent dental hygiene routine in addition to refraining from drug and cigarette use can significantly reduce your risks for contracting HPV.

HPV is linked to anywhere from 40 to 80 percent of all throat cancer cases, but can only enter the body through a wound. Because poor oral health can result in ulcers, sores, and other soft tissue openings, people who do not properly care for their teeth are at an increased risk for this infection.

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