Teeth Whitening Safety Tips

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Teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular both as a dental procedure and an over-the-counter treatment. In general, teeth whitening is safe both ways (if you only buy over-the-counter products with the ADA seal of approval), but it you want to make sure you get the safest teeth whitening possible, you should follow these tips.

First, talk to a dentist. Whether you are going to have a dentist whiten your teeth or not, it’s best to talk to a dentist about teeth whitening before getting it done. Your dentist will advise you about possible risks or concerns about teeth whitening based on your personal oral health. Your dentist may even recommend over-the-counter treatments that are both more successful and safer.

Follow instructions. Teeth whitening kits are designed to be used in certain ways. If you use them as intended, they are more likely to be safe for your teeth and gums. Using the product in ways other than intended will not likely improve your results, only increase your risk of complications.

Don’t ignore symptoms of damage. It’s also important to pay attention to signs that you may be experiencing damage to your tooth, gums, and other oral health tissues. Sensitivity is common after teeth whitening, but if yours is excessive, you should talk to your dentist. Irritation, bleeding, and redness in the gums can also be a side effect of teeth whitening that needs attention. If your teeth become translucent or blotchy, you should discontinue using the compounds and talk to your dentist.

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