Pediatric Oral Hygiene

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Quality pediatric dental care is critical to your child’s long-term oral health and overall systemic health.

The experienced and compassionate Hoboken pediatric dentists at Frank R. DePaola DDS & Associates understand the importance of a good pediatric oral hygiene routine, and we can help you and your children establish good at-home dental care habits as well as monitor your children’s dental health as they age.

Pediatric dental care should begin with the appearance of primary teeth, or “baby teeth,” which usually begin to erupt around six months of age. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that infants receive their first dental exam with the appearance of primary teeth or no later than a child’s first birthday.

During your child’s first dental visit, your pediatric dentist will recommend specific dental hygiene guidelines for your baby’s teeth. This usually includes brushing your child’s teeth lightly with water after the first teeth appear.

By the time your child is around two years old, you may begin using small amounts of toothpaste to brush your child’s teeth. Your pediatric dentist will review tips on how to prevent your child from swallowing toothpaste and how to rinse properly after brushing.

Establishing good oral health habits at a young age will help as your child begins to care for his or her own teeth. Daily dental care at home in addition to regular checkups can help ensure that potential problems are detected early and that your child will have a healthy smile for life.

If you would like to schedule your child’s regular dental exam and professional teeth cleaning, please contact Frank R. DePaola DDS & Associates. Our knowledgeable and friendly pediatric dentists welcome patients from the Hoboken, Jersey City and Newark areas.