Teeth Health and Your Environment

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We often think about the “environment” as being a synonym for the natural world, the rocks, plants, air, and trees that surround us. We often associate with environmental problems such as acid rain, toxic waste, or global climate change. It may seem silly to suggest that these things could affect your teeth, and it would be hard to figure out the degree of impact these may have on your teeth.

But your environment is actually more than that (and less)–it’s everything that surrounds you and that you interact with on a daily basis, and many aspects of your environment can have a major impact on your teeth.

Environmental factors that can impact the health of your teeth include:

  • Fluoridation of water
  • Access to food and eating habits
  • Your work environment

New Jersey has the second lowest rate of access to fluoridated water in the US. In New Jersey, 14% of people get their water from fluoridated public water supplies. Only Hawaii has a lower rate. Fluoridated water is controversial in some circles, but if you don’t have access to fluoridated water, you may want to take extra steps to protect your teeth.

People who eat on the run or at work are less likely to brush their teeth after meals. If you tend to eat in your car or at your desk, take a break for oral hygiene, even if you don’t really take a break to eat. And don’t fall into the trap of chewing on pens and other objects at your desk while you work, as this environmental hazard can lead to significant damage to your teeth.

Is your environmental harmful to your teeth? We can help you overcome the hazards in your everyday environment to keep your teeth healthy and attractive for a lifetime.

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