Candy, Sweets and White Teeth

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The types of sugary carbohydrates found in candy and other sweets are prime contributors to teeth discoloration and decay.

If the gradual surface staining of your teeth has made you self-conscious about your smile, the Hoboken dentists at Frank R. DePaola DDS & Associates may be able to help you restore a bright smile with a professional teeth whitening treatment. Unlike over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, professional teeth whitening with the Zoom! teeth whitening system can provide you with a noticeably whiter smile in a single session.

When consumed in moderation and accompanied by a good dental hygiene routine and an otherwise healthy diet, candy and sweets are not necessarily bad for you. However, the fermentable carbohydrates found in sugary foods react with your saliva and naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth to form harmful acids.

These acids progressively erode enamel and contribute to plaque accumulation, both of which can lead to discolored teeth. Professional teeth whitening can reverse the signs of surface stains and provide you with a vibrant, uniformly white smile.

With attentive at-home dental care and regular checkups and teeth cleanings, the results of your teeth whitening treatment can last indefinitely.

If you would like to learn if teeth whitening is right for you, please contact Frank R. DePaola DDS & Associates to schedule your personal consultation. Our experienced and compassionate dentists welcome patients from the Hoboken, Jersey City and Newark areas.