The Importance of Teeth Cleanings

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Receiving regular dental exams that include professional teeth cleaning is critical to your oral health.

The Hoboken dentists at Frank R. DePaola DDS & Associates provide a thorough teeth cleaning as part of every regular dental checkup to help ensure your smile remains bright and healthy. These exams and teeth cleaning sessions also allow our dentists to assess your dental health and treat potential issues early.

Even with a good daily dental hygiene routine that includes brushing at least twice a day followed by flossing at least once a day, plaque can continue to form on your teeth. Your professional teeth cleaning uses strong cleaners and advanced instruments to remove plaque and tartar accumulation that brushing alone cannot.

Beginning regular dental exams and teeth cleanings is important at a young age in order to establish the foundation for long-term dental health. That’s why we have friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate dentists who specialized in pediatric and family dentistry.

Maintaining good oral health is vital to maintaining good general health. A quality at-home dental hygiene routine in addition to regular checkups and professional teeth cleanings can help you prevent dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease as well as a wide range of systemic health problems.

If you would like to schedule your regular dental exam and professional teeth cleaning, please contact Frank R. DePaola DDS & Associates. Our dentists welcome patients from the Hoboken, Jersey City and Newark areas.