Diet and Dentistry

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The foods and beverages you consume impact more than your physical health – they impact your oral health as well. The same foods that lead to a host of systemic problems can also interfere with proper dental hygiene, making it important that you choose your foods and beverages carefully.

During your visits with our Hoboken dentist, we would be happy to discuss the way your diet impacts your teeth to assist you in making wise decisions for optimal oral health.

Foods That Impact Oral Health

Some of the foods and beverages that can have a negative impact on your oral health include:

  • Sugary drinks
  • Sports drinks
  • Fruit and vegetable juice
  • Candy and other sugary foods
  • Chewy or sticky snacks
  • Refined carbohydrates

You can eliminate the impact these foods and beverages have on your teeth by avoiding them altogether, but complete abstinence is not always possible. You can minimize the impact these items have on your oral health by immediately brushing and flossing following their consumption.

If you live in Jersey City, Hoboken, or surrounding areas of Hudson County, New Jersey and are interested in learning more about maintaining proper oral health, please contact The Practice at Maxwell Place today to schedule an appointment with experienced dentist Dr. Frank DePaola.