State-of-the-Art Digital Impressions with the iTero Scanner

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At The Practice at Maxwell Place, Dr. Frank and his team are always looking for new technology to improve the comfort, precision, and effectiveness of your dental treatments. One of the tools we use to accomplish this goal is the iTero Scanner, an advanced alternative to traditional dental impressions.

Traditional dental impressions were typically created by placing liquid plaster in large metal trays in order to construct a model of your mouth. The plaster frequently caused gagging and would create a mess on your teeth. This impression technique was problematic in many ways, causing considerable discomfort, taking a long time to complete, and often failing to provide an accurate model of your mouth.

The iTero Scanner eliminates all of these issues while providing Dr. Frank with a much more accurate impression of your mouth. This technology creates a digital 3D map of your mouth, allowing our lab to design the exceptional quality dental restorations you deserve.

iTero Scanner - Hoboken Cosmetic DentistThere are many benefits to using the iTero Scanner, including:

  • Greater precision in the creation of dental restorations
  • Elimination of the mess associated with traditional impressions
  • Your mouth stays clean throughout the entire process
  • Impressions are completed in 6-8 minutes, a significant reduction in time compared with traditional impressions
  • You can view the digital impression on our monitor as soon as it’s complete

Dr. Frank uses the iTero Scanner to improve the precision and effectiveness of many procedures we offer, including:

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